For those of you who follow headline news, please note that I am not the same Lauren Rosenberg who is suing Google for being hit by a car in Utah when she followed their walking directions using Google Maps. Though this woman with the same name also resides in Los Angeles County, we are NOT one and the same person. Can you say “damage control?”


  1. Anonymous say:

    you're pretty.

  2. brinkszen say:

    As a publicist, you should make some major lemonade out of this incident – it shows the value of image and the importance of image handling and control. Take the opportunity and run with it! Good luck! (And if your friends think you were dumb enough to walk on a highway – you should tell them where to go (and you could probably suggest a navigation program for them too!))

  3. dan say:

    Lauren, "You have been DannySullivan'd!" — this is a new term and google it to see the meaning. yes, make lemonade out the lemons here, and go with the flow. Glad you are not that other person. She is puke. Ugh. Sue sue sue. Is that all people know how to do these days?

  4. dan say:

    ''You've been DannySullivan'd"

    After reading Danny Sullivan's impressive article last night, we came up the term "You've been DannySullivan'd" to mean what happens when a writer has his or her "article" factchecked and vetted and papertrailed by someone like Danny Sullivan following his M.O. to ascertain the exact attributions and credit lines.

    "You've been Romesko'd" has already made it into our common vocabulary, when a person's article or blog gets linked at Jim Romenesko's site, and now "You've been DannySullivan'd" is poised to catch on to, thanks to ….DANNY SULLIVAN



    Posted by dan at 9:20 PM

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