4 Responses to My Mistaken Identity Story On ABC7

  1. Al says:

    Hi Lauren.

    I wonder if this "problem" has increased the visits to your blog… maybe this will be good for you!!

  2. Max says:

    To Al, yes it definitely has-at least in my case. I went out and found Lauren's blog after reading the Google lawsuit story and then the mistaken identity story.

    To Lauren,
    If you happened to find a lawyer who would represent you Pro Bono would you please consider the idea of suing the other Mrs. Rosenberg for emotional and possibly business damages? As you most likely already know she is suing Google and Patrick Harwood EACH for over $100,000 a ridiculous and excessive amount, and if she can win that case then so would you be able to win yours.

    Please consider,

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow u fucking idiot way to go walking down the highway and suing google!!!!! i hope they repo your fucking house!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    To the anonymous bonehead above. Please go get checked, I think you may need a rectal-craniotomy. Obviously you did not take time to read the above linked story or it would have become apparent this is NOT the Lauren who is suing google. Then again, I suppose I am expecting way too much literacy from somebody who appears to have such limited brain power.

    -Danny R

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