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Michael Jackson
Tribute Portrait

Fans from more than 180 countries contributed for free toward the completion of a hand-drawn dot-art portrait, the largest official Michael Jackson tribute in the world. Anyone who registered online automatically contributed a dot in their name on the drawing.

"Your counsel and hands-on effort of matters (for both galleries) have proven to be great help
Vanier Galleries on Marshall
to me personally and to all members
of my gallery staff."

Vanier Galleries on Marshall acquired the long-standing Joy Tash Gallery and needed to be introduced to the public.

"Thanks for all you did for me and the shop.
Acacia Custom Metal
We are so busy I turn work away and you were the beginning of our success."

LRPR helped showcase Acacia Custom Metal's amazingly talented artisans to the Valley's residents, architects and interior designers.

Vanier Galleries on Main

Vanier Galleries on Main hired LRPR to position them as a major player in the art community.


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