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Steve Wilson
S.W. Wilson
Bespoke & Custom Clothier

A 4th generation fine custom clothier, Steve Wilson was new to the Phoenix area and hired LRPR to create media attention. LRPR not only garnered him outstanding press by positioning him as the most desired custom tailor, but also introduced him to the top Valley business leaders who would eventually become his new clients.

Gia Heller
The National Business Experts

"I ♥ my publicist"

The front-page feature story in the Phoenix Business Journal and article in the Arizona Republic, as well as impressive television coverage that LRPR secured on behalf of Gia Heller not only significantly contributed to her credibility within the business community, but also her membership drive in multiple markets.

Lisa Marie Garbo
Plus - Size Role Model

LRPR created and positioned Lisa Marie Garbo's brand as a plus-sized role model, including spreading awareness for size acceptance in the workplace, private enterprises, public spaces, and schools.

Mike Metz
Sun State Home Loans

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