Marketing in a Down Market?

If you think that in this state of the economy it’s best to save your marketing dollars because it wouldn’t make a difference in your business – think again. A down-market is not only the best time to launch a Public Relations campaign; it is the perfect time to become an even stronger competitor. A study of business-to-business companies during the 1981 recession saw that businesses that increased their marketing expenditures during that time saw an increase in sales of over 200% compared with those that cut it out all together. That’s big! We all know that in difficult times such as the one we’re in now, there is less competition in the marketplace, but at the same time – if you think about it – your customer’s needs are going unmet. They want to hear from you to learn how you can make their lives better. PR campaigns send a message that your business is confident during hard times, and that it is not only surviving – but thriving! Sure, as the economy picks up, businesses will ramp up and market again, but those that maintained an ongoing PR campaign during the recession will see that they will have a competitive edge over those just starting to play catch-up.